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You can learn a lot about a person by seeing what’s on his bookshelf (or in his CD binder, or his blogroll). So here’s a list of webpages that I think are worth your time, and also links to other blogs written by Salon members. You’re probably able to figure out that since these links go to sites outside of Salon Auteur, the views expressed therein may not necessarily reflect the Salon’s views. Just so you know.

Salon Auteur on Twitter

Blogs of Authors:

George R.R. Martin – Yes, Martin has a Livejournal.

Patrick Rothfuss – The beardly one speaks

Orson Scott Card – His official website, Hatrack River

Dan Abnett – One of the most talented writers of Warhammer fiction

Tamora Pierce – fine purveyor of strong female protagonists

William Gibson – It’s Twitter, not a blog

Neil Gaimen – The life of an author

Webcomics* To Read:

Questionable Content – Northampton hipsters like me

Girls With Slingshots – An alcoholic writer and her talking cactus

The Oatmeal – general freshness with a touch of grammar

Hyperbole and A Half – Hilarious stories about childhood and everything else

Books of Adam – A Portland hipster moves to NYC

*some of these are actually blogs, not comics.

Other Blogs by Salon Members

Jabberwocky Anonymous – Victoria Silenus writes about literature and whimsy

Strunk in my Trunk – An author writes about grammar, debate, and writing

The Blackened Edge – KR writes philosophically about extreme metal music

Gwenhyver42’s DeviantArt – Jenny B. shares photography and occasionally painting

Scribbled Inklings – Stephanie J. writes about Tolkien and her personal life goals

Resources for Writers

National Novel Writing Month – It’s the even of the year for crazy writers like us

Duotrope – Looking for a place to submit your writing? You can probably find it here

CreateSpace – A reasonable resource for self-publishing


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