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Is this brilliance or madness?

It’s April. Camp NaNoWriMo is in full swing – or rather, is nearly at an end. The wordcount goal I chose is 10,000 words. Easy, right? Ha! Once again, the obstacles of a busy schedule, random mishaps, and lack of ideas put me behind my goals by about 3,000+ words on a nearly consistent basis this month (which has almost been remedied by now). However, with a little encouragement from the NaNoForums (since I’m taking a break from FaceBook), I’ve pressed on anyway.

In looking at most of my writings, the plot tends to ramble, even when I do plan ahead (which I haven’t been doing). My current project is no exception. [Readers, please forgive the ramble ahead, but it must happen.] I am continuing the story I was working on the last time I posted here. The role of “villain” has already changed hands at least twice, if not more. The races of my made up world have come into view more clearly, and so has the tension between them. It’s much more than, “We’ve been fighting for so long that we’ve forgotten why” (which is often my excuse for longterm conflicts). There are deep-seated Reasons behind these things, and it causes Serious Problems for my protagonist – and this was totally not what I was going to write about…

See, at first, there was just the one villain. His reason for being a villain was that he was acting on instinct, because he was of a predatory race that hunted my protagonist’s kind. The main character’s love interest is of yet another race – more like humanity during European medieval times, and completely lacking in any “magical” (for lack of a better word) abilities. Oh, and did I mention that I still don’t have it figured out how they all met? Yeah… Go, Gwen! [Let the sarcastic cheering ensue!] Anyway…

Love interest was [magically] turned to the Dark Side, and joined the hunter. Protagonist ran off into the woods – her people love trees, and this is a major plot point – and discovered people of her kind who were ancient (really ancient!), and they taught her more about who she really is. Things came to a head, and she ran off to find help from some of the eldest of her kind. She was given a Quest, and during that Quest, push came to shove, and she wound up almost back where she’d started, trapped by her love interest and the villain. And then… a new villain presented himself from her supposed allies, and switched things around again. The original villain freed her love interest, giving up his own life (it’s complicated, I tell ya’!), the new villain was subdued, and protagonist and love interest limped along to where his people live (after much back and forth dialogue – “That’s a bad idea.” “No, it’s not.” “Yes, it is.” “I don’t care.” “Fine!” etc., etc.). Of course, events confirmed that it was a Drastically Bad Idea. Love interest’s people turn on them and considered protagonist something of a Bad Person – especially when yet another person of her race caused issues and made it look like our protagonists were guilty (I have to admit, at this point, that there’s actually two protagonists). They managed to escape, but where to?

Well, main character had previously said it would be a Really, Really Bad Idea to go to her people. I can’t, of course, hint at something like that without actually going there, so what will happen next? They’ll go there. Obviously. There will be the obligatory challenge against her love interest, and perhaps he’ll prove himself worthy of her hand. I don’t know for sure. However, I know there will certainly be Trouble (which reminds me of a song by Horslips). After that… Well… eventually, I’d like them to settle down somewhere and start a family… if that’s possible.

I will honestly say that this story has has a lot less bloodshed than previous stories I’ve written, which is bizarre. I have had one – count that – ONE set of Red Shirts so far, in the whole of nearly 17,000 words (including pre-Camp words – yes, I am a NaNoRebel!). The Travelling Shovel of Death has not made an appearance, and horses have not been present for most of the story (not that horses have anything to do with the bloodshed). One could easily ask whether my muse has a terrible sickness and has asked another muse to take over for now. Perhaps…

And, randomly, I dearly miss the land of Marda. This isn’t saying that I’ll write more of it, but… Well… You never know…



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Does your own mind ever frighten you?

So here’s where I’m at with my NaNo:

Ethel discovers the edge of the world (which, apparently, is flat or round, depending on whether anyone’s kept an eye on it). She also discovers that, at the center of the earth, there is a layer of coffee. Delicious coffee. She also, also discovers Teletubbies… which scare her half to death… and then she wakes up. Or does she?

Eyeballed by space pirates (who, weirdly, still carry swords?) and kidnapped by space ninjas (who also carry swords?), will she wake up and discover that she’s been in a coma for a very long time, or will she realize that the world of her imagination has leaked into “real life”?

And is Vernon real? Do cats cross over into the dream world? Why would a raccoon lead unsuspecting passersby into a double ambush?

Coffee has been an underlying theme. Chocolate croissants have made their way into the story as well. I’m still waiting for the Traveling Shovel of Death to make a cameo appearance…

NaNoWriMo brings out the randomness in me…


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Waffling and Whatnot

I originally was going to pants it this year for NaNoWriMo. Completely and utterly pants it. No plans, no plot, nothing. And then my writing simply hit a wall.

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns. Stuff happens, priorities shift, ideas dry up. I’m still not quite all there in terms of writing, but I’m picking up the pieces, and I decided –– last minute –– to dive in wholeheartedly and start something new… Or rather… half-heartedly dip my toes in and see if the water really is as cold as it looks.

And it feels like I’m hanging on the edge of the world…

And thus, Pandimensional Sandwiches has been birthed… To clarify, it’s more like pandimensional sandwich cookies, but that’s a really long title. If you ask me where I got the idea for it, I will just reply by saying that my imagination is an eerily random place and leave it at that…

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