About the Salon

What is a salon?

In modern American parlance, the word “salon” is most associated with a place to get your hair styled. But during the French Enlightenment, the salons were groups of writers and philosophers gathered together for mutual learning and enjoyment. This is what I hope to recreate with Salon Auteur—writers gathered together to talk about writing, think about writing, and practice writing. This blog is the public voice of the salon, where we talk about everything from what writing is to why you should be doing it.

How pretentious are you?

In a word, Very. You may think that it’s foolish to give my blog such a French name when I don’t speak French. You might think it ought to be called “Salon D’Auteur,” or “Salon Des Auteurs.” Well, it isn’t. That was my decision as the creator of the Salon, and I happen to like it. As writers, we will share our opinions on what we consider noteworthy, and what we consider deplorable. We shall name names. You need not agree with us—after all, this is the Internet, and you have every right—but if you don’t, then you’re probably wrong.

How can I get involved?

For starters, you can read the blog, and share it with your friends. You can engage with us here on the blog using the commenting feature. Eventually, I hope to have more resources available to foster writing community, including links to currently existing online writing communities, and social media links for direct engagement with us. But these are early days; one step at a time. Our first goal is to have regular updates for the blog. But the most important thing you can do is write. It does not take much. Just a pen, a paper, and a few words.

~ KR


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