Barely There

Well, it’s Monday, so I ought to be updating the blog. I’m not really sure what to put down today. It’s Day 26 out of 30. Can there really only be four days left? I’ve had another period of surge-and-drag, and I’m just shy of 45k words. I feel confident that I can reach 50k, but how far will my story go? At the rate that things are progressing, I think it’s going to be somewhere around 70k. That’s rather shocking. I know everything that needs to happen between now and the end. It’s just there’s no way that’s going to fit into five thousand words. It’s kind of frustrating.

That’s about all for now. I have not slept, and I’m leaving for work in half an hour. Should be fun. Stay tuned for an excerpt from Victoria Silenus’s novel, Lady Brighteyes.



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2 responses to “Barely There

  1. Ugh, I’m in the same boat, trying to assess a proper ending that I actually have the time an energy for. >__<

  2. I am also nowhere near the end of this story. I had no idea it would drag out this far…. a nice change, actually.

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