Day 4

Race course

I hope everybody is having a fun time NaNo-ing. It can be quite exhilarating meeting your word quota for the day. Don’t forget to update your word count on That way you can see your graph and statistics, and how you’re doing in comparison to your friends, which can encourage you to do more (for those who wonder, I’m at 5,075 words, which is just beyond my quota for Day 3).

If you’ve been feeling behind, and things are going slowly, don’t feel bad! It’s only Day 4, and you’ve gotten an extra hour tonight which you can use for sleeping or writing (you did remember to set your clocks back, right?). Sometimes the beginning is the most difficult part, and the words will flow soon enough. Tomorrow afternoon will be a great time to put some quality love into your tale. Sometimes writing turns into more of a rest-and-surge effort than a steady “1,667 words each day” race. That’s okay too. On Day 1, I wrote 2,745 words. On Day 2, I wrote none (although if I count the days by when I sleep, I did write on Day 2, it’s just that midnight had passed and technically Day 3 had begun). And now it’s Day 4, and I could be writing, but instead I will go to bed, trusting that tomorrow my fingers and my mind will be rested and ready to go.

Keep your eyes open for some excerpts this week from the novels of members of Salon Auteur. I believe we currently have eight members participating. How many will make it to 50,000 at Day 30? Time will tell!

Cheers to all,


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  1. I am so very determined to write it all… every last word.

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