Ever Change Your Mind?

Chosen of Markov

So sue me; I’m feeling fickle. It’s about 2:30 AM on October 28th, and there are two things on my mind. First of all, is Hurricane Sandy, the so-called “Frankenstorm,” going to put a serious cramp in my Halloween plans, and perhaps more importantly, am I going to completely change what I am planning to write for National Novel Writing Month? I mean, seriously. A storm is a big deal. I could lose power. I could die a hideous death on my way to or from a Halloween party. Worse yet, I could be stuck inside on Halloween for the second year in a row. Thanks, Nature Gods.* But it hardly seems like as big of a deal as ditching several weeks worth of planning three days before I’m about to start writing.

I don’t know; it could be worse. I could be thinking about this the morning of November 1st. And actually, this isn’t too much of a stretch, because I’ve been thinking about writing this kind of story for quite a few months. Frankly, it will probably be easier than my other idea, if I choose to go with it, because it uses the principle of a Shared World that I explained on Thursday. Which one you may ask? A suitably geeky one. Magic The Gathering, in fact. The plane of Innistrad in particular. One particular card has caught my eye—Chosen of Markov. There’s something about this particular piece of art, painted by the great Steve Argyle (click the picture to visit his website), that just strikes me as interesting. Who is this girl? Why does she want to become a vampire? Does she regret her choice, or is she pleased with her new unlife? I think I’m going to ignore the flipside “Markov’s Servant” and do my own take on the story. Why? I want to write about Innistrad, but I want a little freedom.

As much as I joke, though, the storm is potentially a big deal. If you write on your computer, as I do, then being without power on November 1st could put a serious kink in your operations, and be a momentum and morale killer that you might never recover from. My advice to you is to stock up on pens, paper, and pencils, and print out all of your planning documents on real actual paper. Also make sure that you have lots of candles and ways to light them. Instead of thinking “I’ll never get this novel done” because all your power is out, instead think how cool you’ll feel writing by candlelight. You could even get several days of free vacation that you can use to really get ahead on things.

In the mean time, stay positive and stay safe. The storm is supposed to begin Sunday night, but since I usually write my Monday post Sunday morning and schedule it ahead anyway, that shouldn’t even be a factor. If you don’t hear from me Thursday, however, assume that I’ve been buried under an unearthly blizzard and send sled dogs with hot chocolate and extra candles. I’ll be writing away. I guarantee it.



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4 responses to “Ever Change Your Mind?

  1. Stay safe, and don’t sweat the writing… Innistrad will be here even after Frankenstorm passes. 🙂

  2. She is one character I wonder about…the other is Scorned Villager. Innistrad gave us so many interesting characters that could have such vivid backgrounds, that it is sad they no longer produce as many books as they used too…

    • The last few books they printed were absolutely terrible, as well. Funny thing, I almost included Scorned Villager as a second image on the post. She’s another great character (and unlike Chosen of Markov, a card I actually play).

      • Haha! I keep wanting to play with Chosen of Markov, but I don’t play with Vampires enough. However, I have a full playset of Scorned Villagers for my werewolf deck signed by Cynthia Sheppard which is way cool! And yeah, I wish the hey day of MTG books would come back…the things they post online a fictional supplements are not very good either.

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