What Better Place Than Here? What Better Time Than Now?

how to write a novel
The way I see it, there has never been a better time to start writing. Consider the tools in front of you. You have the Internet, which gives you (mostly) open access to practically unlimited opinions and plenty of platforms to vent your own. But you want to be more than just the lowest of the low, a YouTube Commenter. You want to be more than a Tweeter (YouTube commenter without the videos), or a Facebooker. You might even want to be more than a highly active forum member, or even a blogger. Sure, writing is writing, and if you do enough of it, you should count as “a writer” (blogs are the magazines of the 21st century, after all), but what you really want to be is An Author.

It’s not necessarily about getting recognition or getting paid (although there is nothing wrong with either). It could just be that you have a story inside that you want to get out. Whatever the reason, though, you’ve never done it before. You could be 12 of 62, it doesn’t matter. Well, this November (and every November, actually) is National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. That’s about 1,667 words per day, which honestly doesn’t seem like that much. I encourage you to take part this year. This could be the year you finally become An Author. To that end, knowing that many people may be taking pen in hand (or keyboard under fingers) seriously for the first time, my posts in the rest of October and November will be somewhat focused on beginning writers, although hopefully they will be encouraging to anyone, whether they’ve been writing for two weeks or two decades.

Leading up to the start of National Novel Writing Month, I will be talking about what it takes to be a writer (tomorrow, in fact, I’ll address a few things that you may have heard you needed to be a writer) and how to find some inspiration. In November, I’ll be talking more about the writing process itself, including my approach to editing, and how to find (and be) a good critic. After all, your goal in writing should always be towards improvement. In the mean time, I encourage you to take a look at Jabberwocky Anonymous, another blog run by a member of Salon Auteur. On JA, Victoria Silenus discusses her favourite literary works in a whimsical way. She updates every Wednesday, so I encourage you to bookmark/subscribe and keep up with her thoughts.

As you’ll notice, today is Wednesday, not Thursday, and I’m posting something. What gives? Well, this doesn’t count. My regular posts are generally about 1,000 words, while this is just under 500. Besides, I said I would update Monday and Thursday at least. I never said I might not post more than that.


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